janos bruckner - statement



I stage emptiness.
Default, dis-identified and inhuman emptiness.

It is the vacuum, which is filled with the experience of re-discovering our own thoughts in this emptiness.


The last five years I was testing identities (stereotypes and clichés) through various techniques of dis-identification, in-humanization and representation. I tested heteronormative white pornographic representations, Eastern-European national identities through mixed techniques of digital, academic and corporate imagination. I was looking for the very thin edge between abstract and figurative, horrifing and ridiculous, human and inhuman. I found this edge as a field of vacuum which evokes horror vacui – a moment when somebody fills out the emptiness – and this can lead to changing perspective and new experience.


However, this way of artistic production is camouflage. A never ending pattern of hiding, voiding and cancelling.


János Brückner deals principally with adaptation. He reveals potential hidden contents in certain major questionable phenomena of consumer society. In general, he works with composite strategies, mixing different media and representing techniques: both digital and classical. This way he creates “zero signs” which are possibilities for viewers to create their own interpretations of everyday situations, common places.