Stupid Things

ENA Viewing Space Budapest
6. April 2019 – 17. May 2019

“In France there is an old saying, “Stupid like a painter.” The painter was considered stupid, but the poet and writer very intelligent. I wanted to be intelligent. I had to have the idea of inventing. It is nothing to do with what your father did. (…) In my visual period there is a little of that stupidity of the painter. (…) Then I came to the idea. I thought the ideatic formulation a way to get away from influences.”
(Marcel Duchamp)

This exhibition is a labyrinth of silly images, masks and a bunker of something heavy and precious for me. In this roofless room at the top of a house close to the Danube river in Budapest there is a high chance of getting lost between what is stupid and what is serious, what is light and what is heavy. However, there is at least two important difference between my labyrinth and the countless escape-rooms of this Eastern-European city: the Stupid Things is for free and nobody locks you into the strict and dualist categorization of stupid and reasonable.


Here and now

Ludwig Museum Budapest
5. February 2019 – 30. March 2019

This installation in the Ludwig Museum allows you to mark the passing moments with notches on the sheet fastened to the wall. More specifically, 1 million 890 thousand 803 moments. This corresponds to three complete human life cycles when one moment is considered an hour. But how long is a moment? This is almost as subjective and unpredictable as the thoughts that the final image created by the joint act of leaving a trace will awaken in the recipients.

These almost two million moments hide a single image that becomes visible only as a result of a common creation and / or error. One thing is for sure: the resulting work will be a specific impression of the visitors’ activity.

Partner: Everybody Needs Art

Variable Ancestry

Exhibition at Galéria Plusminusnula (Zilina, Slovakia)

Average Eastern-European family backgrounds have world wars, broken dreams, vis major lives, ethnic conflicts and suppressive regimes put together in various combinations. People from these regions share the same story, however many times from the opposite side – like a playground where everybody is tyrant and victim at the same time.

My animation short is part of the 29th Sao Paolo International Short Film Festival

check the trailer: