Trans – paper, marker, 75×104 cm, 2017
An academic penis – paper, pencil, 150×150 cm, 2014

Headless Torso
Pygmalion Digital portrait


We all know the paint-by-numbers games from childhood: coloring is fun, it makes us curious what is hidden.
I created a software-based way to make paint-by-number drawing, where you color the actual pixels.
This non-age and non-gender specific installations are to engage audience for two reasons: revealing an image and revealing how the community cooperates. Each piece is unique as they are installed different locations and for various audience, therefore the way they got created also differs, but since coloring is quite addictive, they get ready quite quick.


This is a post-digital printing installation, based on gamification, where human users turn themselves into a printer.
Likeprint is a crowdsourced way of image processing, where visitors became the creators, without knowing what
picture they create using like-stamps.

4543 Likes (2014)
Anagramma (2015)
Here And Now (2019)