janos bruckner - cv



János Brückner
(1984 Budapest)
lives and works in Budapest, Hungary and Berlin, Germany




2010 – Diploma (MA) in hungarian language and literature at Eötvös Loránt University of Humanities
“Intermedia phenomena at the hungarian neo-avantgarde literature and fine art”
2012 – Diploma (MA) in painting at Hungarian Accademy of Fine Art


Grants / Awards

2013-2015 – Derkovits Gyula Scholarship
2013 – Eötvös Scholarship of Hungarian State
2013 – Grant of K&H Bank
2011 – Scholarship of Ludwig Foundation
2011 – Barcsay-Prize
2009/10 – State Scholarship




2015 – MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
2015 – Studio das Weisse Haus, Vienna
2013 – Newcastle University’s Culture Lab UK (Digital Media) – resident artist
2013 – Futura, Prague – resident artist
2010 – Begehungen Festival, Chemnitz (Germany)


 Workshops held

Washable - Porn Studies Seminar at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany, 2014
Coloring – Festival Volt, Hungary, 2013


Exhibition – solo

2015 – Happiness Manual (Galerie Überall & ENA, Vienna)
2014 – The Human Printer – Camouflage (with Zsolt Miklósvölgyi) – Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven
2013 – Well-Groomed Happiness, Labor C3, Budapest (together with: Mátyás Csiszár, Marian Dörk, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi)
2012 – Famous Hungarian Hipsters – 400 (Budapest)

2012 – Applied art: more pictures in the office – index.hu headquarters
2010 – Hungarian people – hybrid art


Exhibitions – group (selected)


ACCUMULATION OF MATTER – LEHRTER SIEBZEHN, Berlin (curated by Szilvi Németh)


Unclean – SomoS Arts Berlin
Ferenc Liszt & contemporaries, Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum, Budapest (curated by Anna Peternák)
Not Too Distant Present, FKSE Budapest, (curated by Ács Bálint, Darvas Angéla, Don Tamás Milán, Károly Eszter)
Memento Budapest, Chimera Project, Budapest (curated by Bogi Mittich and Patrick Urwyler)
THE FUTURE IS TODAY!, ICA-D, Dunaújváros (curated by Bogi Mittich and Patrick Urwyler)
Nuit Blanche – AQB Budapest (curated by Zsolt Mészáros & Noémi Szabó aka Fresh Curators)
derkó.pécsi.2014 – Kunsthalle, Budapest (curated by József Készman)
No Comment? Vol.4 – Stredoslovenská gallery, Banska Bystrica


Derkovits Most – Kunsthalle, Budapest (curated by József Készman)
Imagine the Law – SYAA (curated by Avi Feldman)
Crosstalk Video Festival 5th Edition, Budapest
Burka – Österreichische Kulturforum, Budapest
sélection de la « collection spicy », INSTITUT HONGROIS – COLLEGIUM HUNGARICUM, PARIS


Spicy Collection Selection – Accademia d’Ungheria in Roma
Parental Meeting (ThatWasNotUs! Crew) – Studio of Young Artists
FRESH 2011 – Kogart
MIZU – VÍZ – WATER – Japanese-hungarian exhibition at A38 Ship
FIKA – Young Contemporary Statements – Pécs
SECRET – Roham Gallery
Exhibition of winners of Barcsay Competition, Acc. of Fine Arts, Budapest


MEGA_PIXEL 2010 – Digital artworks in Hungary – FUGA Architectural Centre, Budapest
“Begehungen” Festival, Chemnitz
Auction for the flood-aggrieved people – Acc. of Fine Arts, Budapest
The sixth wall – Labor C3 Budapest
Paralels – slovakian-hungarian exhibition – Acc. of Fine Arts, Budapest


Babel silence – Studio of Young Designers
Uneffordable – Present Salon


Urban Experience – Holdudvar Gallery
First Hungarian Metro Biennale – Artpool P60



ThatWasNotUs! Crew
Studio of Young Artist’s Association



Dudás, Barbara: Cultural homogenization and the artist who makes mistakes



Kaplár F., Krisztina: The portrait of the Young Hungarian Artist


Gadó, Flóra: Studio visit

Not Too Distant Present, catalogue, http://issuu.com/zbalazs/docs/nttj_ok